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After countless hours of development and testing, we are ready to tell you to prepare yourself for an exceptional adventure as we reveal the most eagerly awaited Skyblock Release. The announcement of EnchantedMC's Easter Revamp fills us with absolute delight. Brace yourself for an unforgettable easter as you dive into a realm brimming with boundless thrills and unmatched entertainment! Our team has prepared the best possible outcome for a prison server, pouring their passion and dedication into crafting an update that will exceed all of your expectations!

Island Top (Weekly)
1st Place: 5000 Credits
2nd Place: 4000 Credits
3rd Place: 2500 Credits
4th Place: 1000 Credits
5th Place: 500 Credits

Crop Top (Weekly)
1st Place: 2500 Credits
2nd Place: 1000 Credits
3rd Place: 500 Credits

UPDATE: We would also like to let players know that this will be a 4 WEEK MAP for Payouts with regular weekly updates and the winner at the end of the map will have the ability to design a CUSTOM COSMETIC for ONLY the members on the WINNING TEAM

Introducing the latest update, packed with exciting new features and enhancements to take your experience to the next level. We've listened to your feedback and worked tirelessly to bring you a range of innovative additions that will revolutionize the way you interact with our product. Get ready to explore the following remarkable features:

New Spawn
Jumping into the changes made for this Skyblock map, we have decided to change our spawn and layout to adjust with the new changes we have made to Cases, Crates and Dungeons. Here is a preview of the new and beautiful spawn!

New Island Trophies
Included in this new Revamp is a new Island Trophy System for Value. These trophies will be used for Island Top and be used to calculate the winnings for each week. Players will have the ability to buy Money trophies for Money, Coin trophies for Coins and Ruby trophies for Rubies. Each trophies conversion rate to value is different to balance the difference between each currencies economy. Leaving an island will not transfer your trophies, and the trophies that were purchased will remain at the old island.

Cost and Value for Trophies
- Money Trophy: 10B Money Per Trophy = 1b Value per Trophy
- Coin Trophy: 10B Coins Per Trophy = 500m Value per Trophy
- Ruby Trophy: 10B Rubies Per Trophy = 2.5b Value per Trophy

New Server Progression
Island Progression has now changed to Server Progression, this means that EVERY player will unlock progressions at the EXACT same time. Each Progression will require 7.5m Experience which is equivalent to grinding 7.5m Mobs, Crops and Ores. Farming and Mining Progression has also been slightly changed, players will need to grind a certain crop/mob to gain experience for the current progression, you will need to grind the Crop you have just unlocked OR the default ones which are Wheat and Turtle spawners. This also means that Farming will have no more enchanted crops, you will just unlock the crop to be able to grind it. You will manually have to build farms for all Crops and Spawners to get the maxed progression.

Mining will continue to remain the same with its Enchanted progression, but this is still Global so the server will reach this at the same time.

New Economy
We have added a new economy with new 2 new spawners being Drowned and Glow Squids. The costs and sell prices of Spawners, Crops, Ores and Mob Drops have also been adjusted to fit into this new Economy.

New Tool Changes
We have made Tool Levels Global for each player, this means that if a player grinds on the Hoe and reaches level 5, that their Sword and Pickaxe will also be Tool Level 5. This means that the experience required will also be slightly harder to level up as it is Global. Alongside this change, we have also added 3 new Hoe Enchants for players to use. These enchants include:
Phantom Swarm: Tool Level 225
- Chance to spawn phantoms that will break crops for you making coins/rubies.
Warden Guard: Tool Level 250
- Chance to spawn an angry warden causing destruction to nearby crops.
Credit Finder: Tool Level 275
- Chance to gain credits whilst farming

Included in the Tool Changes, the costing of Enchants has changed to a more exponential pricing rather than a linear. This means it will cost more to upgrade once you get higher in the enchant levels. The price of Enchants have tripled and we have also changed the Coin/Ruby economy to be longer lasting the 4 competitive weeks. Something else that has been highly recommended by players that we have added is when abilities are ready to be activated, you will receive a chat message notifying you about this.

New Dungeons & Recipes
Since Dungeons was a hit last map, we decided to update it for this Maps content. We have added 2 New Dungeons in addition to 3 of the pre-existing ones. The Dungeons in progress will be (Snowy - L25, Mesa - L50, Jungle - L100, Nether - L150 and End - L200). Each World will unlock a new set of recipes that can be crafted using the dropped loot from PvE mobs. We have also added a drop that can be used to sell for Money for some each access to Money, we will also have Coin and Ruby vouchers to help grind some currencies for Enchants/Trophies. All Dungeons will also have new builds to give a new fresh experience and look.

Miscellaneous Changes
- Sharpness and Fireaspect have been added into the Sword in /sets (this means you cannot use your Sword Omnitool in Dungeons anymore)
- New Bountiful Burst Enchant on the Coin Armor Sets: Chance to spawn a Yellow firework that will generate a range of Coins
- We have added a new Set Skin Boost which will permanently give an additional boost to the set (If you have a Sweetheart set on which gives a 25% additional boost and a Money set which gives a 1x Money Boost, the Skin will make it  a 1.25x Money Boost). These Skins will be the rarest out of all the Skins that are available.
- New Chat Message when your Set Skin gives its ability (like a Key, Levels up an enchant, finds shards, pet/crystal boxes etc)
- We have completely removed Spawner Crystals from the game until further notice
- Updated Crate/Lootbox Rewards
- Updated Pass (New Tag in the final SOTW tier)
- More Quality of Life Changes

This Skyblock Easter map is releasing March 29th 2024 @ Friday 5PM EST! Make sure to not miss out on this Easter map filled with Content and Weekly Updates!
- EnchantedMC Management Team