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After countless hours of development and testing, we are ready to tell you to prepare yourself for an exceptional adventure as we reveal the most eagerly awaited Skyblock Release. The announcement of EnchantedMC's Summer Revamp fills us with absolute delight. Brace yourself for an unforgettable summer as you dive into a realm brimming with boundless thrills and unmatched entertainment! Our team has prepared the best possible outcome for a prison server, pouring their passion and dedication into crafting an update that will exceed all of your expectations!


Island Top (Weekly)
1st Place: 5000 Credits -> 7500 Credits
2nd Place: 4000 Credits -> 6000 Credits
3rd Place: 2500 Credits -> 3750 Credits
4th Place: 1000 Credits -> 1500 Credits
5th Place: 500 Credits -> 750 Credits

Crop Top (Weekly)
1st Place: 2500 Credits -> 3750 Credits
2nd Place: 1000 Credits -> 1500 Credits
3rd Place: 500 Credits -> 750 Credits

UPDATE: We would also like to let players know that this will be a 4 WEEK MAP for Payouts with regular weekly updates and the winner with the most weekly wins will have the ability to design a CUSTOM COSMETIC & CUSTOM TAG for ONLY the members on the WINNING TEAM

Introducing the latest update, packed with exciting new features and enhancements to take your experience to the next level. We've listened to your feedback and worked tirelessly to bring you a range of innovative additions that will revolutionize the way you interact with our product. Get ready to explore the following remarkable features:

We don't know if you guys know but NO other Skyblock server releasing alongside us will come CLOSE to us. You cannot miss this map UNLESS you are DEAD

New Spawn
Jumping into the changes made for this Skyblock map, we have decided to change our spawn and layout to adjust with the new changes we have made to Cases, Crates and Dungeons. Here is a preview of the new and beautiful Summer spawn!

PvP Sets/Enchants/Skins
We have finally done it! We have added PvP, a highly requested feature for Skyblock. With PvP Sets, Players will have to unlock Enchants through Dungeons, and then use Shards to upgrade them. PvP will be 1.8 PvP on 1.18+ (meaning there will be no hit cooldown), there will also be Gapples and 9 lore Enchant limit. Players that also die in PvP will have there enchants removed from the set, and the shards that it took to upgrade that set would go to the player that killed them. Here are the list of the Enchants for PvP

Armor Enchants
Speed: Increases your Speed Movement
Nausea: Chance to provide your enemy with Nausea effect
Hefty: Increases your Resistance effect
Escapist: Chance to get Speed 5 for 3 Seconds
Clean: Chance to remove all Debuffs
Curse: Chance to give your enemy the Wither effect
Counter: Chance to dodge a hit from your enemy
Last Stand: Chance to deal more damage when you are at low HP
Inferno: Gives you strength if on all the pieces of armor
Resilient Shielding: Permanent reduction on damage taken
Angel: Chance to give you a variety of buffs when you are at low HP

Sword Enchants
Freeze: Chance to give your enemy slowness effect
Frostbite: Chance to give your enemy blindness effect
Combo: The higher your combo is in PvP, the higher damage you do
Soul Drain: Chance to steal hearts from your opponent
Double Strike: Chance to do extra damage to your enemy
Penetrate: Chance to hit through 4 hearts in 1 hit
Pyro: Chance to do double damage when they are on fire
Spiderman: Chance to give your enemy posion effect
Barbarian: Chance to do 2x damage
Rage: Chance to multiply Combo and do more damage
Thor: Chance to strike lightning dealing damage on your opponent
Snowify: Chance to have enemies stuck in a snow storm to kill them faster
Halloweenify: Chance to temporarily replace your enemies helmet with a pumpkin

There will also be PvP Skins that give Extra Hearts, Speed, Damage Boost, Damage Reduction and Phoenix which will give a chance to give a totem of undying when you die

There will also be Outpost/Koth in a brand new Warzone, there will be a total of 4 Outposts (Money 2x, Coins 2x, Ruby 2x and Enchant 1.5x). Koths will happen every 4 hours and the winner of the Koth will receive the newest Lootbox as well as a large chunk of Shards to upgrade more Sets/Enchants.

Dungeons will play a big part in this maps economy. There will a total of 5 Dungeons (Snowy, Mesa, Jungle, Nether and End). Each Dungeon will unlock throughout the map to ensure the economy progresses at a steady rate.

IMPORTANT: Dungeons are going to be important this map because they will be the only way that players can get Spawners, upgrading spawners will require the same Money and Global Progression requirements, but to first gather spawners, you will need to visit the Dungeons. Every dungeon will unlock 3 new spawners, and the final 6 spawners/last 2 dungeons will have upgradeable spawners.

- Snowy Dungeon (Lvl 0 - Open on SOTW: You can get Sheep, Snowman and Polar Bear Spawners from this Dungeon)
- Mesa Dungeon (Lvl 50 - Open a day after SOTW: You can get Zombie, Skeleton and Creeper Spawners from this Dungeon)
- Jungle Dungeon (Lvl 100 - Opens 3 days after SOTW: You can get Spider, Wolf and Villager Spawners from this Dungeon)
- Nether Dungeon (Lvl 150 - Opens 7 days after SOTW: You can get Magma Cube, Strider and Ravager Spawners from this Dungeon)
- End Dungeon (Lvl 250 - Opens 10 days after SOTW: You can get Drowned, Stray and Evoker Spawners from this Dungeon)

Dungeons will also have a variety of new drops and crafts such as Enchant Crystal Boxes, Totem Boxes, Pet Traits, Crates, Lootboxes, Pass, Pet Slots, Totem Slots and so much more loot to enhance the experience in all of the Dungeon Worlds!

New Dungeon Sets/Enchants
We have also added 5 new Dungeon Sets, each set will increase the chance of dropping loot in the dungeons. There has also been so many more enchants that we have added to enhance the experience and make you a God Dungeon Slayer. These new Enchants include the following:

PvE Armor Enchants
Speed: Increases your Speed Movement
Hefty: Increases your Resistance effect
Escapist: Chance to get Speed 5 for 3 Seconds
Regen: Passively regenerate Hearts
Artificial Heart: Gives you more Hearts
Invincibility: Chance to take no damage for x seconds
Angelic: Chance to give you full HP when you are low health in Dungeons

PvE Sword Enchants
Sharpness: Increases damage done to PvE Mobs
Strength: Chance to give Strength 1 - 3 when fighting PvE Mobs
Flame Thrower: Inflicts fire on PvE mobs which deals damage over time
Treasure: Chance to get 2x of the same drop
Dungeon Aura: Chance to hit multiple mobs at once
Berserk: Chance to 1 hit a PvE Mob
Electricity: Similar but stronger than Dungeon Aura, you will have a chance to KILL all mobs near you

Mining on Islands (Miner Robot and Mining Skills) have all been removed from the game. The Pickaxe Omnitool will only have Efficiency, Haste and Speed enchants that will help you with mining in the Caves. All Dungeons will now have caves that will provide you with fuel and additional dungeon drops that can be used to craft a variety of recipes. Fuel will only be obtained from these caves!

Miscellaneous Changes
- /tinkerer for crystals has been added from Gens onto Skyblock allowing players to throw bad crystals to get dust, which can then be used to increase the rates for your better crystals
- Updated Crate/Lootbox Rewards
- Updated Pass (New Tag in the final SOTW tier)
- More Quality of Life Changes

This Skyblock Summer map is releasing June 22nd 2024 @ Saturday 3PM EST! Make sure to not miss out on this Summer map filled with Content and Weekly Updates!
- EnchantedMC Management Team