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We want to thank all the players for the amazing support shown in this map, as a thank you, we have decided to host an amazing and OP giveaway in the discord -> #giveaways. This update is filled with amazing updates and content that will provide you with so much that you can do in this first weekend of Skyblock. We hope you enjoy the read of this update post and the update itself! Please let us know if you have any questions or if you have any feedback/suggestions.

New Easter Egg Hunt
As this is an Easter Map, we have decided to do something special and create an Easter Egg Hunt Event. Every hour, players will have the ability to go to /warp egghunt and find Eggs scattered around the build, these are Easter Heads/Skulls that contain an Easter Egg (Tier 1, Tier 2 and Tier 3). There will be 50 Easter Eggs in total every hour, and players will have up to 10 minutes to find them or the event will end. This is a reoccurring event that will happen very often. Here are the screenshots of what you can find in the Easter Egg Hunt!

We hope you enjoy this Easter Egg Hunt update, we will thoroughly update the rewards for these Eggs to match with the economy at all times!

We will be adding a Dungeons Update late tonight, providing a way to get Easter Eggs and so much more recipes will be added, some recipes including Totem Slots, Pet Slots, Premium Pass, Lootboxes and so much more!

New Lootbox/Bundles
Jumping into the updates, we have added a new Easter Lootbox and 2 Bundles (Bunny and Easter Basket Bundle). The Bunny Bundle comes with 3x Easter Lootboxes, 1x Monthly Crate, 1x Master Crystal Boxes, 3 Master Totem Boxes and 3x New Master Booster Boxes (2x-3x) and the Easter Basket Bundle comes with 7x Easter Lootboxes, 3x Monthly Crate, 3x Master Crystal Boxes, 8 Master Totem Boxes and 8x New Master Booster Boxes (2x-3x). These Lootboxes contain powerful and new items including the new Bunny Set, Bunny Skin, Carrot Sell Wand, Ranks and so much more!

We have also released a new Easter Cosmetic Bundle that contains a Nest Hat, Chick Backpack, Easter Tag and a Random Chatcolor Box. This Bundle costs 1,000 Shards and will be removed completely after this Skyblock Map.

New Bunny Set & Bunny Skin
We have added the Bunny Set into /sets which will provide an additional 1x combined boost to all Enchants, Coin & Money. This Bunny Set can be only obtained from the new Easter Lootbox, and will be added as a Dungeon Craft Recipe @ Wednesday 3PM EST. The new Bunny Skin will also give a 50% additional boost to the Booster Set and has the chance to find Easter Eggs in Dungeons.

New Carrot Sell Wand
We have added a Carrot Sell Wand that gives an additional 1x Sell Boost

New Pass Pages
There has been 1 New Pass Page added into the game, with rewards including Monthly Crates , Spring Lootboxes, Easter Lootboxes,  Pet boxes, Crystal Boxes, Tags, Cosmetics, Skin Keys and so much more!