What We Offer.

We try to make the community's experience here as amazing as we can.


We wish to bring you the most of what we have here at EnchantedMC. As a network, we also wish to bring joy to those that join everyday to ensure that this is the place for them.


As a network, we wish that you be who you want to be, on both the server and in our community discord.


Here at EnchantedMC, we wish that everyone can contribute to what we do best to ensure that the network is a comfortable environment for everyone.

Our Gamemodes.

Here, we offer three gamemodes meant to enchance the player's experience on EnchantedMC.


In this void-filled gamemode, you must level up your island in order to become the best!

Want to donate?

Here at EnchantedMC, we are always welcome to accept donations from those who wish to support the server in order to keep us going. Everything you donate goes right back to the server.


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